Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peterson Boys 2010 Hike #4

Destination: Gates Pond, Hudson, MA
Hikers: Gramma, OliBear, Andrew and Dad
Date: May 29, 2010
This hike is literally 3 minutes off of Rte 495. The loop around the pond is a wide dirt road with a few good hills. The entire loop from parking lot, around pond and back is 2.2 miles. An excellent place for 2 mile repeats. There are some good hills on the western side of the pond.
We had fun although I did not leave enough time for circumnavigation of the pond. We did hike counter-clockwise and that is the longer way to get to the far side of the pond's dam. For fear of being rushed at ice cream and my date-night, we decided to be safe and we turned before reaching the dam.
Ice cream was at Colonial Candies in Bolton, MA. Again, readily accessible from Rte 495. It is the big white candy house seen when traveling southbound on Rte 495. Good stuff.
I finished the day with Danielle at Fenway. Sox won 1-0.
Get out there!


  1. Great pictures! Looks nice. Check out Vaughn Hills Conservation Area one exit earlier off of Rt 117 near Nashoba Regional HS. Beaver dam there is impressive.

  2. I worked in Bolton for 10 years. I remember Vaughn Hills, I ran that course at least once a week. Some good hills.