Monday, September 26, 2011

self-inflicted batting cage wound

I have pieced together how the heck I hurt myself.....mind you, it is not too hard to do that. On 9-15 we had our company outing. I purposely strayed away from the batting cages for fear I'd tweak my shoulder (my old swimming injury). I played 9 hole, pitch and putt and then gave in and went to the batting cages deciding the shoulder could not get that bad. Well, it was the hammy to watch out for....D'oh!! I am such an idiot and as fragile as a flower. Live and learn.

I ran 4 miles last week (2 miles per day) after 4 days off and then needed another two days off. Time will tell.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A good stretch comes to an end

Since I last blogged, I had a pretty good stretch.

Aug 28 - Sep 3: 21 miles with a day off (75 min walk). Sunday's run was after/during Irene. Lots of downed trees in the neighborhood.

Sep 4 - Sep 10: 23 miles with a day off (75 min walk). Sunday's run was my first at Maudslay State Park. Ran with Ken and Chris K. Nicest run I've done in a while. Park is beautiful.

Sep 11 - Sep 17. 20 miles. My day off was a 90 min combination of walking and six, slow 5 min runs (at about 12 to 13 min pace). All was well but after Friday's run the tendon behind my left hamstring was killing me. Have not run since, usually it takes about 4 to 5 days to start back.

Looking forward to family hike of Mt. Watatic on Sept 25.