Monday, April 2, 2012

I am still alive


Long time no post.

I have been graced with the opportunity to run my 25th straight Mt Washington.  Thanks to all who allowed me to get in based on ... the past.  Hammy is still quite fickle so I've only been able to do about 20 miles per week.  Right now going through a rough patch but I'll get through it.  As DD says, "You are a delicate flower, Petey."  Indeed, David, indeed.

Been a good 3 months of the year!   Lowell went to the NCAA's in hockey (after a 5 win season in 2010-2011).  They won their first game and played Union (Paul Bergeron's alma mater for any YAEC guys reading this) tough before losing 4-2.  Next year is very promising.

Danielle finally got her wish and the vinyl siding is off the house.  Work is continuing on mud room improvements.

Andrew played hoops this year and had a blast!  OliBear is ever improving with horseback riding.

The Rivah is so close.  Need to go shopping for some raffle items!

Get out there, Petey