Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The MTN and a new hope

3 weeks removed from Mt Washington.  Enough time to reflect....My body thinks it can do what it used to do (for the first few miles) but with my training level, sadly, it cannot. Perhaps I can figure out a better plan or just go out a lot slower. ;-)  To make matters worse my stomach felt terribly well before the race went off, I was so sick to my stomach after 6 miles... and on the ride down ...and on the ride back to Jackson ...and thru lunch but recovered to have a nice dinner with Nell at the White Mtn Cider Company.
My splits:

1) 8:49…some flat before road start to rise…I am not that nuts
2) 20:03 (11:13)
3) 31:43 (11:41)
4) 43:32 (11:48)
5) 56:33 (13:01)….uh oh
6) 69:56 (13:22)…hanging tough
7) 88:33 (18:37)….ran out of gas....puked at 6.8 miles after hairpin turn….had to stop…felt so sick to my stomach
7.6 - Finish) 101:40 (13:07) ……my ascent of the final 22% grade was a sight, my calves were spasming and I am sure people were cringing

246th male (did not bother to look how many women beat me), 45th of 104 in 45-49 age group.


Cannot wait ‘til next year!!!  Going to try to make my short runs short and try to get in two long runs per week ... long meaning at least over an hour.  Since Mt Washington 2011, I had 2 runs over an hour.  If possible, if I can handle it, I'd like that to change.  With really easy days prior to and after the long runs, perhaps I can do that.

However, there is a new hope.  Andrew and I did the John Carson 2 mile in Chelmsdale on 7-4-12.  In prep, we did a 9:14 mile on 7-1.  It was warm but there was a nice breeze.  That was 9 seconds better than his High Street Mile last year. 

On the 4th, it was cloud covered and not that humid.  We started mid-pack for fear that if he did need a drink and stopped do so, he may get trampled.   Bad move on my part.  It was so tough to get going.  He would have been better served starting further up.  Nice coaching, eh?  He still did great picking off people left and right.  His splits per 1/2 mile:

4:52 (10:26)
4:19 (8:40)

He was flying at the end.  We had a blast! 

He placed 10th out of 64 in the 6-8 age group.


July 4, 2012 2 Miles Chelmsford, Mass.

Timing By: Granite State Race Services (See our Events Calendar)

Results Questions:



Place O'All Time Name Age Sex Race# City/state

===== ===== ======= ======================== === === ===== =======================

1 286 14:21 Ryan Fischer 8 M 1221 Merrimack NH

2 412 15:32 Ryan Blagg 7 M 1670 Westford MA

3 435 15:44 Alexander Dunsmoor 8 M 19780

4 512 16:17 Daniel Ottowicz 8 M 1182 Watertown CT

5 631 17:09 Dylan Hunt 8 M 9919 Tyngsboro MA

6 739 17:50 Tyler Garrett 7 M 1477 Huntersville NC

7 758 18:01 Finnegan Kenny 7 M 809 Chelmsford MA

8 837 18:35 Matthew Lefebvre 8 M 854 Chelmsford MA

9 870 18:46 Donovan Ryan 8 M 988 Chelmsford MA

10 940 19:08 Andrew Peterson 7 M 975 Chelmsford MA