Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week ending June 26, 2010

Not much has changed. Hammy still aches with various activities. It was sore on a walk the other day and I was bummed. On the 26th I resorted to one-legged aqua-jogging (OLAJ), 1 hour in Heart Pond. Today (the 29th) I ran the idea of OLAJ by Leigh at Pinnacle PT. She nixed the idea, stating it would make the right leg much more dominant. This could cause issues when I eventually do run again. She suggested I retry aqua-jogging but at a reduced intensity. I'll do that on the 30th. I'll do so with trepidation.

The week that was...

60 minutes upper body bike
155 minutes walking
60 minutes OLAJ

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mt. Washington History a la Petey


Beginning to wonder how I ever ran some of these times...here's to feeling good (or at least competitive) in the last few miles of THE MTN. I'll be back!

Year, Time, Place

1988, 69:11, 10
1989, 74:53, 23 (only year I walked, rainy and windy)
1990, 69:08, 14
1991, 68:01, 8 (PR, literally ran out of my shoes on the last crazy climb, finished in my socks)
1992, 70:28, 17
1993, 69:10, 16
1994, 71:32, 13 (it was so hot!!)
1995, 71:01, 20 (windy)
1996, 68:59, 11
1997, 69:52, 7 (windy, best place!)
1998, 69:41, 11 (humid)
1999, 68:22, 14 (ideal conditions)
2000, 73:35, 10 (humid then windy)
2001, 72:33, 12 (humid and hot)
2002, 32:50, 34 (only 1/2 way up b/c of bad weather!)
2003, 74:07, 20 (sunny and nice)
2004, 73:10, 30 (windy at top)
2005, 73:33, 24 (misty and below 40F at top)
2006, 74:59, 34 (40+ PR, nice weather)
2007, 90:38, 129 (missed 3 weeks in May, stress reaction in shin)
2008, 79:22, 87
2009, 89:04, 125 (hip issue, missed 5 weeks in March/April)
2010, 99:46, 268 (hammy issue, missed 3 weeks leading into race, 29+ minutes for last 1.7)

Get out there!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Week ending June 19, 2010

Well, another Mt. Washington is done. My 23rd in a row. Since my inaugural race in 1988, I have never missed THE MTN. This year was nearly worst case scenario, though. Hammy issues caused me to make the race my first run in the month of June. I feared a hammy spasm during the race which would make for a long walk.

Amazingly, I felt great at the beginning. The hammy was ok, only a little sore. I was passing a lot of people and feeling good. I reached 1/2 way in 42:53 and still felt aok. I was thinking I may be able to squeak out a 1:32. However, after about 5 miles I started to really feel it in my calves and hip/groin area. My energy was way low. I started a dead man's run, to stubborn to walk. My last 1.7 miles took 29:54.

Here are my splits:

9:23 (actually 0.9 with 600 meters of flat before hill starts)
13:54 (only 0.7 miles, I was crawling!)

My official time was 1:39:46.

Really hoping Pinnacle PT in Plaistow can help me solve the decade-long hammy issues.

But who is going to help me get into the 2011 Mt. Washington ;-) !!??

I love this race!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week ending June 12, 2010

0 miles

Supplemental work: 75 minutes UBE, 95 mins aqua-jogging, 190 minutes walking

Second week on DL. I tried aqua-jogging but that aggravated the hammy. Thus, I am walking and upper body biking (UBE). I can still feel the hammy walking around, but it does not seem to get aggravated much by walking. I have no clue how I'll do at the mountain. My hope is that the hammy holds up (no spasms) and a nice slow pace can be maintained. My goal is to make it to the top without walking. Very, very nervous.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week ending June 5, 2010

0 miles

Supplemental work: 30 mins UBE and 15 mins water running

Well, I am on the DL. Next run is scheduled to be at Mt Washington. Hoping hammy holds up for my long, slow trudge up the MTN. Met with my college trainer, Bob Worden, at Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Plaistow, NH. We are devising a plan to finally lick this hammy issue.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peterson Boys 2010 Hike #4

Destination: Gates Pond, Hudson, MA
Hikers: Gramma, OliBear, Andrew and Dad
Date: May 29, 2010
This hike is literally 3 minutes off of Rte 495. The loop around the pond is a wide dirt road with a few good hills. The entire loop from parking lot, around pond and back is 2.2 miles. An excellent place for 2 mile repeats. There are some good hills on the western side of the pond.
We had fun although I did not leave enough time for circumnavigation of the pond. We did hike counter-clockwise and that is the longer way to get to the far side of the pond's dam. For fear of being rushed at ice cream and my date-night, we decided to be safe and we turned before reaching the dam.
Ice cream was at Colonial Candies in Bolton, MA. Again, readily accessible from Rte 495. It is the big white candy house seen when traveling southbound on Rte 495. Good stuff.
I finished the day with Danielle at Fenway. Sox won 1-0.
Get out there!