Monday, June 21, 2010

Week ending June 19, 2010

Well, another Mt. Washington is done. My 23rd in a row. Since my inaugural race in 1988, I have never missed THE MTN. This year was nearly worst case scenario, though. Hammy issues caused me to make the race my first run in the month of June. I feared a hammy spasm during the race which would make for a long walk.

Amazingly, I felt great at the beginning. The hammy was ok, only a little sore. I was passing a lot of people and feeling good. I reached 1/2 way in 42:53 and still felt aok. I was thinking I may be able to squeak out a 1:32. However, after about 5 miles I started to really feel it in my calves and hip/groin area. My energy was way low. I started a dead man's run, to stubborn to walk. My last 1.7 miles took 29:54.

Here are my splits:

9:23 (actually 0.9 with 600 meters of flat before hill starts)
13:54 (only 0.7 miles, I was crawling!)

My official time was 1:39:46.

Really hoping Pinnacle PT in Plaistow can help me solve the decade-long hammy issues.

But who is going to help me get into the 2011 Mt. Washington ;-) !!??

I love this race!

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