Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week ending April 30, 2011

Mileage: 30 miles

Not a very good week, hammy very sore especially after Tueday's run. I took some easy days and actually the mileage is not all that my new standards. Things have improved each day since Wednesday.

Sun: 65 mins with DD and Scott
Mon: scheduled off day
Tue: 45 mins, very sore after
Wed: 20 mins
Thu: 30 mins
Fri: 45 mins
Sat: 60 mins with DD

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week ending April 23, 2011

Mileage: 29 miles

Things holding steady, a bit more sore towards the end of the week.

Sun: 30 mins
Mon: 65 mins
Tue: off
Wed: 45 mins
Thu: 35 mins
Fri: 50 mins
Sat: 30 mins

My nephew lowered his PR in the steeple at Princeton. "Sophomore Chris Estrella (Lowell, Mass.) placed 46th overall and eighth among Division II-III runners in the 3,000 meter steeplechase in 9:35.44, despite suffering a tumble with 600 meters remaining."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Supplanting Mac in the Steeple

My nephew ran his second steeplchase ever at the George Davis Invitational on April 9th. He ran a 8 second PR and, in the process, made the top ten individual list for UMLowell in steeple performances. His time knocked out John McKenna from the list. I ran with John back in the mid '80's at ULowell. 3000 METER STEEPLECHASE (TOP INDIVIDUALS) 1. TIMOTHY GUERIN 9:01.93 LARRY ELLIS INVITE @ PRINCETON 04/17/09 2. Kevin Alliette 9:14.31 PENN RELAYS 04/24/04 3. Steve O’Brien 9:17.57 New Englands @ Northeastern 04/08/10 4. Mike Wright 9:18.30 N.E. CHAMPIONSHIPS @ NU 05/09/87 5. John Doherty 9:18.84 Brown Invitational @ Brown Univ. 05/03/92 6. Ben Saviet 9:20.91 Larry Ellis Invite @ Princeton 04/16/10 7. Declan Gilbert 9:21.89 N.E. Championships @ Northeastern 05/14/88 8. Mike Toomey 9:28.54 BC Relays @ Boston College 04/18/92 8. John Doherty 9:28.54 Northeastern Invitational 04/11/92 10. John McKenna 9:42.34 Men 3000 Meter - George Davis Invite Steeplechase========================================================================= Name Year School Seed Finals ========================================================================= 1 Macky Lloyd JR College of S 9:38.00 9:14.47 2 Michael LeDuc FR Conn College 9:30.00 9:25.15 3 Kurt Ruegg FR Harvard 9:20.00 9:30.18 4 Christopher Estrella SO Umass Lowell 9:40.00 9:41.02 5 Ethan Penny SO Stonehill 9:37.05 9:59.08 6 Timothy Nohelty FR New Haven 10:20.00 10:04.39 7 Nathanial Webber FR Stonehill 10:15.40 10:13.91 8 Chance Wilk SO Keene State 10:20.00 10:16.27 9 Gabe Campbell JR Bentley 10:11.95 10:17.32 10 Harry Mullin SO Merrimack 10:22.00 10:23.89

Week ending April 16, 2011

Mileage: 30 miles Handled coming off the Rivah marking aok. Hanging in there. Hamstring almost predictable in how it will feel. Sun: 40 mins Mon: 40 mins Tue: 30 mins Wed: 60 mins Thu: off Fri: 45 mins Sat: 40 mins

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week ending April 9, 2011

Running 4 days in a row now. Trying to figure out what I can handle. Friday's run was slow since we were marking the course but it was my longest run since last June. Had a blast at the Rivah! Could have done a better job seeing the job thru to the end though. Thanks to DRC for doing my job! Mileage: 22 Sun: 30 min run Mon: off Tue: 40 min run Wed: 40 min run Thu: 30 min run Fri: 66 min run (marking the Rivah with ScottyG, DoubleJ, DD, DaveLa and DanV) Sat: off, co-race directed at the Rivah!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week ending April 2, 2011

Gave the tendon/hammy above and behind my right knee 3 days rest. Ramping up now. Ups and downs, trying to keep the faith. Mileage: 12 miles Sun: 36 min run with DaveLa Mon: off Tue: off Wed: off Thu: 15 min Fri: 20 min Sat: 30 min

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week ending March 26, 2011

Rest did a world of good for hammy. However, perhaps 50 min run was too much, too soon. Good hammy, the right one, hurts now. Forced me to miss 3 days in the following week. Good part about being hurt is the joy of getting to run again once (at least partially) healed.

20th Rivah is coming!!! soon.

Mileage: 23

Sun: off
Mon: 40 min run
Tue: 40 min run
Wed: 40 min run
Thu: off
Fri: 30 min run
Sat: 50 min run with E-Streeters and DaveLa