Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week ending Sep 25, 2010


Taking it easy on my legs still. A few more weeks of this. PT says I can do some easy biking every other day this week.

Sun - 2 min walk & 1 min run times 3
Mon - PT
Tue - 15 min UBE
Wed - 15 min UBE
Thu - 30 min swim
Fri - 30 min swim, 8 min bike, PT
Sat - off

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week ending Sep 18, 2010

After talking with my physical therapist, she admitted the mine was a troubling case. I have progressed to where both hamstrings are of equal strength but the soreness in the left hammy still persists. I did do a 2 min walk followed by a 1 minute run * 3 on the treadmill. It felt fine running but that night the hammy was sore. We may be switching gears at PT, stay tuned....

Sun: 65 min bike alongside E-Streeters
Mon: 30 min swim, 20 stationary bike (SB), PT
Tue: 25 min SB
Wed: 25 min SB, 10 min kick board (swim no arms)
Thu: 25 min SB, 10 min kick board
Fri: PT
Sat: 45 min walk

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week ending September 4, 2010

I was a bit disappointed this week. I increased my water running and the hammy felt sore by end of the week. Lower ab muscle also sore so swimming again with pull buoy. I am hoping long weekend away from pool helps. The lower ab issue is definitely exacerbated by some fo the lower ab drills I do each day for hammy. The beat goes on...but I am excited to be back in the water running...but the water temps and air temps are going to be dropping.

Sun: Hike Mt Watatic
Mon: Swim 30 min, PT, 30 min AJ
Tue: Swim 30 min, 30 min AJ
Wed: Swim 30 min pull buoy, PT
Thu: 45 min AJ
Fri: 45 min AJ
Sat: Hike Great Brook State Farm State Park

Saturday, September 4, 2010

3rd Annual Peterson Mt. Watatic Hike

Destination: Mt. Watatic, Ashburnham, MA (on Rte 119, 45 mins from Rte 495).

Hikers: Andrew, my sisters Susan and Barbara, Barbara's grandson Christian, my brother Rick and his wife Donna and their grand-nieces Chanda and Jordan, and Dad. OliBear chose to stay home with Mom.

3rd annual: This was the Peterson clan's 3rd ascent of Mt. Watatic. 2008 was in September, a beautiful day. 2009 was in October but it was windy and cold at the top. This year, although it was hot, there was a nice breeze a the top.

If you live in the northeast MA area and have never done this hike, SHAME ON YOU! It is a very reasonable climb, going up about 600 feet and 1.2 miles. At the true summit, there are great views of Mt. Monadnock but DO NOT stop there, head over to the treeless secondary peak and enjoy 270 degrees of beautiful scenery. Pack Monadnock, Mt. Wachusett, the Pawtuckaway hills, Blue Hill and the Boston skyline are easily seen.

The main trail up Mt. Watatic is the Wapack Trail. In its entirety it runs from North Pack Monadnock to Mt Watatic, about 21 miles. From there the MidState Trail provides a trail across MA to the RI border in Douglas, MA.

Here is a link to Mt. Watatic's past:

Get out there!