Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week ending September 4, 2010

I was a bit disappointed this week. I increased my water running and the hammy felt sore by end of the week. Lower ab muscle also sore so swimming again with pull buoy. I am hoping long weekend away from pool helps. The lower ab issue is definitely exacerbated by some fo the lower ab drills I do each day for hammy. The beat goes on...but I am excited to be back in the water running...but the water temps and air temps are going to be dropping.

Sun: Hike Mt Watatic
Mon: Swim 30 min, PT, 30 min AJ
Tue: Swim 30 min, 30 min AJ
Wed: Swim 30 min pull buoy, PT
Thu: 45 min AJ
Fri: 45 min AJ
Sat: Hike Great Brook State Farm State Park

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  1. Good to hit the water with you this morn. From my training log: 10-14-2008 45 min water run at Stiles, water temp 61.8 degrees. 10-17-2008 final water run "too damn cold"