Monday, September 20, 2010

Week ending Sep 18, 2010

After talking with my physical therapist, she admitted the mine was a troubling case. I have progressed to where both hamstrings are of equal strength but the soreness in the left hammy still persists. I did do a 2 min walk followed by a 1 minute run * 3 on the treadmill. It felt fine running but that night the hammy was sore. We may be switching gears at PT, stay tuned....

Sun: 65 min bike alongside E-Streeters
Mon: 30 min swim, 20 stationary bike (SB), PT
Tue: 25 min SB
Wed: 25 min SB, 10 min kick board (swim no arms)
Thu: 25 min SB, 10 min kick board
Fri: PT
Sat: 45 min walk

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