Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week ending New Year's Day, 2011

This week marked my first back-to-back running days since May. Hammy holding together. A bit more sore than usual but I'm dealing. Now on a run-run-off schedule.

Weekly Mileage: 13
Miles Swum: 3.4
Minutes on stationary bike: 30

Sun: 30 min run with Scott
Mon: off, pool closed due to snow, PT drills
Tue: 30 min swim, 30 min run
Wed: 30 min swim, 20 min stationary bike, PT drills
Thu: 30 min swim, 10 min bike, 20 min run, PT drills
Fri: 30 min swim, 31 min run with DD and DaveLa
Sat: off, PT drills

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