Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week ending Jan 15, 2011

Not a very good week. After Sunday's 40 min run which went fine, hammy started feeling achy and then down-right sore. Certain movements with leg would really hurt. Each day got progressively better, though, and I had back-to-back 20 min runs by end of week. Planning on 40 min run on Sunday.

Weekly Mileage: 9
Miles Swum: 3.74
Minutes on stationary bike: 0

Sun: 40 min run with Scott and DaveLa
Mon: 33 min swim
Tue: 33 min swim
Wed: off, no swimming pool closed b/c of snow
Thu: 33 min swim, 20 min run
Fri: 33 min swim, 20 min run
Sat: off

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