Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week ending Jan 29, 2011

Running week went well, swimming week not so much. Worked in a few snowshoe (SS) runs. However, DD does not think I am race ready, and I will not be doing his snowshoe race on the 5th. On the swimming front, my shoulder is worse. May be all the shoveling and roof raking but this has been an ongoing and worsening situation. My neck and shoulder are very sore and I'll be taking some days off from swimming.

Miles run: 23
Miles swum: 3.74 miles

Sun: 45 min run with DaveLa
Mon: 33 min swim
Tue: 33 min swim, 20 min run, 10 min SS run
Wed: 33 min swim, 35 min run, 10 min SS run
Thu: off, no swim b/c of snow (again)
Fri: 33 min swim, 30 min run
Sat: 45 min run with DaveLa

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