Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week ending Jan 22, 2011

A decent week. DD's snowshoe race is 2 weeks away and my goal is just to finish. Hopefully, all the adrenaline I know I'll have will be taken by the initial climb. I do not want to get suckered into going fast"er" on the downhills.

I did not run on snowshoes at all last winter. So, I started with a 5 minute jaunt after my Saturday run. It's the start of a 2-week SS ramp up.

Trying to decide whether to start the small biking stints again.

Miles run: 18
Miles swum: 3.74 miles

Sun: 42 min run with DD and Scott
Mon: 33 min swim, 21 min run
Tue: 33 min swim
Wed: 33 min swim, 21 min run
Thu: 33 min swim, 42 min run
Fri: off, pool closed
Sat: 21 min run with DaveLa, 5 min SS run

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