Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week ending Feb 5, 2011

Not quite the same without swimming. Shoulder/neck are better but still sore while sitting at work and at night. Not sure what to do. Running-wise it was an ok week. A bit more sore than last week but dealing.

The possibility of missing Mt Washington b/c I may not make lottery is starting to set in. That would be a terrible way to end a 23 year streak. As they say, the times they are a changin'. But as Tom Petty says, "Most things you worry about don't happen anyway." We'll see which one occurs.

Will all this snow melt for the 20th Rivah???

Total miles run: 19

Sun: off
Mon: 50 min run
Tue: 30 min run
Wed: off
Thu: 33 min run
Fri: 50 min run
Sat: off


  1. If you don't make the lottery you can have my number.

  2. thanks, brother...but ain't there rules against that...race entry aside, you knew it'd come to's a business