Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thunder-shortened water run caps 20 min runs week


Finshed up a 13 mile week. Feeling ok. Trying to maintain some hamstring exercises and stretching after each run.

Awoke Saturday and got in the water about 6AM. Thought I heard thunder and turned back after 10 mins, got out at 20 mins and soon after the thunder was booming.

Also trying a new plan with my day off, trying to get in a long walk to simulate being on my feet for a while. Hoping these to get to 1hour +.

Sun: 30 min water run and 20 min run (with DD)
Mon: 45 min walk
Tue: 20 min run
Wed: 20 min run
Thu: 20 min run
Fri: 20 min run
Sat: 20 min water run and 20 min run

13 miles.

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