Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week ending October 9th, 2010

Had a tough week, after biking alongside DD running for an hour (not fast biking, no offense DD!), hammy was sore, really sore. It did recover by end of week. PT and I have a new pattern plan: off day with PT drills, return to run day (2min walk, 1 min run *3), off day with PT drills, bike work 20-25 min with intervals of not so easy stuff. We'll see.

Sun: 1 hr bike alongside DD running
Mon: 30 min swim
Tue: 30 min swim
Weds: 20 min walk
Thur: 30 min swim with pull buoy
Fri: PT, 10 min bike
Sat: 3 one minute runs during 25 min walk

On Saturday I also watched UMLowell get 4th place at New England XC at Franklin Park. Usual 4th place runner was really sick and faded to 7th. My nephew was Lowell's 4th man and he ran 25:40, good for 51st place. Not bad for his 2nd xc race ever!!

Get out there

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