Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week ending July 24th, 2010

Although Pinnacle PT will still be consulting, I will be going to a new PT place in West Natick (a lot closer to work, much more manageable). Hammy is feeling better but I know it is still sore as I sit on a tennis ball nearly each night attempting to: hurt it to heal it.

Bob Worden stressed patience with this. He guessed an October return to running. Cannot wait....

In the meantime, swimming. Kudos to Glenn for meeting me for a swim. Glenner - I told you to avoid the lily pads, you did not listen!

Sun: 20 min swim (forgot goggles)
Mon: off
Tues: 30 min swim
Weds: 30 min swim
Thurs: off
Fri: 30 min swim
Sat: 30 min swim

Get out there.

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