Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week ending July 17th, 2010

Since July 6th, I really have been resting the legs. DD convinced me to really rest. The only thing they extra they do now is kick while swimming. I have been a regular visitor to Long Lake in Littleton (home of the Appleman Triathlon (7-18-2010). Hammy does feel better. I saw Bob Worden on Tuesday. He definitely believes the hammy is/was torn and patience is a key to recovery. Let's hope the water stays warm late into September ;-).

Sun: 25 min swim
Mon: Off
Tues: 30 min swim
Weds: 30 min swim
Thurs: 30 min swim
Fri: 30 min OLAJ
Sat: 40 min swim


  1. Keep the faith. Let me know when you are AJ again and I'll try to meet you.

  2. DD

    will do, hope the pf ache goes away!