Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week ending April 3, 2010

43 miles

0 days off - rare but that's how the days off (3/27 and 4/4) fell

Supplemental work: 40 minutes stationary bike and 40 minutes upper body bike.

Long run 53 minutes.

Last 10 weeks' mileage (most recent first):

43, 32, 26, 13, 15, 46, 49, 43, 40, 33

I entered week with goal of running about 45 - 55 minutes per day and that was accomplished. Next week the mileage will not be as high because of the days off.

Next race: Perhaps some light, very light, workout this week. Maybe Groton 10k on 4-25.


  1. Solid week. I still think mileage is more important than speed. If you think a workout will hamper the mileage I think you should skip the workout and just bang out some more miles.

  2. That hovering at 7 minute pace was a workout. I'd like to go a bit faster next time but I will not do one unless legs feel good. L hammy is a bit sore and massage was cancelled because of illness in family.