Monday, April 26, 2010

Week ending April 24th, 2010

43 miles

1 day off - standard for me

Supplemental work: 40 minutes stationary bike and 40 minutes upper body bike.

Long run 68 minutes

Last 10 weeks' mileage (most recent first):

43, 38, 38, 43, 32, 26, 13, 15, 46, 49

I am such a head-case. Shin was sore at beginning of week. That got better by Thursday. Hammy was a bit sore on Friday and Saturday. I was supposed to race Sunday. Saturday night I went back and forth so much thinking that I should run and hammy was fine, to don't run you may make it worse and miss valuable training and health. I ended up bagging race. I tell you, my HS coach told me not to let Mt Washington and my streak dominate my thinking....too late! Head-case signing off.....

Next race: Not going to dignify this with an entry.

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