Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week ending April 17, 2010

38 miles

1 day off - standard for me

Supplemental work: 40 minutes stationary bike and 40 minutes upper body bike.

Long run 56 minutes

Last 10 weeks' mileage (most recent first):

38, 38, 43, 32, 26, 13, 15, 46, 49, 43

After flagging Rivah course on 4/9, placing mile markers on 4/10 and picking up flags on 4/11, by Monday it felt like I had raced the Rivah. R hammy was very sore. I took a light day on Tuesday and then did my week goal runs of 7 to 7.5 miles the rest of the week. My R shin has been sore since Wednesday. Keeping an eye on that.

Next race: Maybe Groton 10k or Tewksbury HS fundraiser 5k on 4-25.

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