Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Question: When is a 9:23 mile...Great!

Answer: When it was run by Andrew!

6 year old Andrew ran his first race, The High Street Mile in Newburyport on Sunday, August 7th. In torrential conditions, he ran the whole way without walking a step. 9:23. Splits: 2:19, 2:26, 2:19, 2:19.

Uncle Dave also ran 5:02 and supplied the photo in, did I mention, torrential conditions. ;-)

and the Running von-Tripp children:

Macy (8 yrs old): 7:58

Kyra (10 yrs old): 8:17

Owen (6 yrs old): 8:50

Noel (4 yrs old): 9:44

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