Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week ending May 8, 2010

12 miles

4 days off - hammy a lot worse, resting it

Supplemental work: 80 minutes stationary bike and 75 minutes upper body bike.

Long run 40 minutes

Last 10 weeks' mileage (most recent first):

12, 40, 43, 38, 38, 43, 32, 26, 13, 15

After the May 1st run, my hammy was very sore. I decided to give it a few days rest and ran 40 mins on Tuesday. Run was ok, hammy did not feel that bad but I did have a twinge and it felt worse after. I rested Weds and Thurs and ran an easy 33 mins on Fr and 36 mins on Sat. We'll see.....
Next race: Not going to dignify this with an entry.


  1. See you Saturday to mark the Bear course. Get that hammy feeling better