Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weeks ending May 21 and May 28, 2011


There is an old saying. "One does does not blog if there is no good news to report", well, it hasn't been great, but it could be worse. First the right hammy and then the left. As I write this on June 1, I'm going to need a few days off to heal up. Same old thing, tendon/hammy behind and on the outside of the left knee is sore. Usually, I need 3 to 4 days off and then, as Arnold says, "I'll be back (just don't tell Maria!)"

Week ending May 21: 23 miles
Week ending May 28: 20 miles

Sun: off
Mon: 20 min run
Tue: 30 min run
Wed: 35 min run
Thu: 40 min run
Fri: 45 min run
Sat: scheduled off day

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