Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week ending March 12, 2011

Had a great run with the YAEC guys at Cisco on Thursday. Course was really hilly. Felt aok aerobically but the hammy was feeling it and after struggling thru a 20 min run the next day and a, not as bad, but some sharp pains 35 min run on Sat, I missed the next 4 days running. Dealin' though, looking forward to the Rivah on the 9th. Run the Rivah!

Mileage: 25

Sun: 45 min run
Mon: 30 min run
Tue: 40 min run
Wed: off
Thu: 45 min run with Rachel, Glenn, JoeK, Spin, ScottyG
Fri: 20 min run - way sore
Sat: 35 min run with DD, Scott, Carlos and DaveLa

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