Monday, December 10, 2012

Even splits at Santa's Toy Trot


Andrew and I headed up to Merrimac for the Santa's Toy Trot.  Andrew's previous best (only other 2 mile) was at a very crowded Chelmsford 4th of July in 2012.  There he ran 19:08 with an 8:40 last mile when all was less congested. 

Yesterday, without crowds to battle, it was clear sailing.  8:14 first mile split and then an 8:15 to finish up.  16:29, good for 33rd place. 

Great to see Rose, Greg, John and Denise out there from the DRC.

Get out there!


Monday, August 27, 2012

7:48 !!

Headed up to High St mile earlier this month in Newburyport.  Andrew ran a 7:48 mile.  1.5 mins better than last year.  Very even splits.  I was maxed out keeping up ;-).

Happy upcoming XC season to all.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The MTN and a new hope

3 weeks removed from Mt Washington.  Enough time to reflect....My body thinks it can do what it used to do (for the first few miles) but with my training level, sadly, it cannot. Perhaps I can figure out a better plan or just go out a lot slower. ;-)  To make matters worse my stomach felt terribly well before the race went off, I was so sick to my stomach after 6 miles... and on the ride down ...and on the ride back to Jackson ...and thru lunch but recovered to have a nice dinner with Nell at the White Mtn Cider Company.
My splits:

1) 8:49…some flat before road start to rise…I am not that nuts
2) 20:03 (11:13)
3) 31:43 (11:41)
4) 43:32 (11:48)
5) 56:33 (13:01)….uh oh
6) 69:56 (13:22)…hanging tough
7) 88:33 (18:37)….ran out of gas....puked at 6.8 miles after hairpin turn….had to stop…felt so sick to my stomach
7.6 - Finish) 101:40 (13:07) ……my ascent of the final 22% grade was a sight, my calves were spasming and I am sure people were cringing

246th male (did not bother to look how many women beat me), 45th of 104 in 45-49 age group.


Cannot wait ‘til next year!!!  Going to try to make my short runs short and try to get in two long runs per week ... long meaning at least over an hour.  Since Mt Washington 2011, I had 2 runs over an hour.  If possible, if I can handle it, I'd like that to change.  With really easy days prior to and after the long runs, perhaps I can do that.

However, there is a new hope.  Andrew and I did the John Carson 2 mile in Chelmsdale on 7-4-12.  In prep, we did a 9:14 mile on 7-1.  It was warm but there was a nice breeze.  That was 9 seconds better than his High Street Mile last year. 

On the 4th, it was cloud covered and not that humid.  We started mid-pack for fear that if he did need a drink and stopped do so, he may get trampled.   Bad move on my part.  It was so tough to get going.  He would have been better served starting further up.  Nice coaching, eh?  He still did great picking off people left and right.  His splits per 1/2 mile:

4:52 (10:26)
4:19 (8:40)

He was flying at the end.  We had a blast! 

He placed 10th out of 64 in the 6-8 age group.


July 4, 2012 2 Miles Chelmsford, Mass.

Timing By: Granite State Race Services (See our Events Calendar)

Results Questions:



Place O'All Time Name Age Sex Race# City/state

===== ===== ======= ======================== === === ===== =======================

1 286 14:21 Ryan Fischer 8 M 1221 Merrimack NH

2 412 15:32 Ryan Blagg 7 M 1670 Westford MA

3 435 15:44 Alexander Dunsmoor 8 M 19780

4 512 16:17 Daniel Ottowicz 8 M 1182 Watertown CT

5 631 17:09 Dylan Hunt 8 M 9919 Tyngsboro MA

6 739 17:50 Tyler Garrett 7 M 1477 Huntersville NC

7 758 18:01 Finnegan Kenny 7 M 809 Chelmsford MA

8 837 18:35 Matthew Lefebvre 8 M 854 Chelmsford MA

9 870 18:46 Donovan Ryan 8 M 988 Chelmsford MA

10 940 19:08 Andrew Peterson 7 M 975 Chelmsford MA

Monday, April 2, 2012

I am still alive


Long time no post.

I have been graced with the opportunity to run my 25th straight Mt Washington.  Thanks to all who allowed me to get in based on ... the past.  Hammy is still quite fickle so I've only been able to do about 20 miles per week.  Right now going through a rough patch but I'll get through it.  As DD says, "You are a delicate flower, Petey."  Indeed, David, indeed.

Been a good 3 months of the year!   Lowell went to the NCAA's in hockey (after a 5 win season in 2010-2011).  They won their first game and played Union (Paul Bergeron's alma mater for any YAEC guys reading this) tough before losing 4-2.  Next year is very promising.

Danielle finally got her wish and the vinyl siding is off the house.  Work is continuing on mud room improvements.

Andrew played hoops this year and had a blast!  OliBear is ever improving with horseback riding.

The Rivah is so close.  Need to go shopping for some raffle items!

Get out there, Petey

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Chelmsford does this great thing between Thanksgiving and NewYear's annually now (this was the 4th annual). In the town's open spaces a random tree is decorated and the hunt is on to find them.  This year there were 16 trees scattered throughout the town.  Locations:

Thanksgiving Forest
Cranberry Bogs
Kroll Pasture
Sunny Meadow Farm
Red Wind Farm
Heart Pond
Crooked Spring Reservation
Deep Brook Reservation
Moore's Nature Park
Russel Mill Forest (+ a bonus tree)
Varney Playground
Bartlett Park
George BB Wright Land
Roberts Field
Lime Quarry Reservation

Andrew found all 16!  Oliver found 8 trees (not bad for a part-timer).

Here is a picture at Andrew's 16th tree in Thanksgiving Forest on Christmas afternoon.

Get out there!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Since my last post, things have not been great....haha, but I am still loving to be out there.  Weeks have been:  14, 11, 8 and 22 miles.  I just could not shake the hammy soreness and needed 3 straight days off in this 11 and 8 mile weeks.

On the plus side Andrew and I did find all 16 trees during the annual Chelmsford Tree Hunt run each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The last tree (Thanksgiving Forest) was seen at about 4:15 PM on Christmas day.  We almost missed it and needed some help from some thoughtful hikers who saw it and double back to tell us.  It is a great event!  Andrew did fabulously!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The beat goes on....

Running is going well. A few ups and downs but loving being out there. Since my last post, I have had weeks of 19, 28, 21 and 26 miles. My long run was on Thanksgiving morning, 1 hour. It was a slow pace but all felt ok afterwards. As I write this though, hammy is very sore after yetserday's torrid 9 minute per mile pace 52 minute run. I am going to keep on, keepin' on.

The day after Turkey Day, is Peterson family tradition day, we made our way up to Contoocook and Henniker for a little craft shopping for Mom and sightseeing for us. We enjoyed a nice lunch at Daniel's restaurant along the banks of the Contoocook River in Henniker. Some history of the Contoocook River:

The Contoocook River flows for 71 miles from Poole Pond in Rindge, New Hampshire, north to the state capitol, Concord, where it enters the Merrimack River. Encompassing a drainage basin of 766 square miles, the Contoocook has a total drop of over 700 feet which affords one of the premier whitewater boating stretches in New England.

The North Branch River is a major tributary of the Contoocook and flows for 16 miles from its headwaters in Stoddard through Antrim and on to Hillsboro where it joins the mainstem of the Contoocook River. The entire lengths of these two rivers were designated into the NH Rivers Management and Protection Program in June 1991.


The Contoocook River's unusual north-northeasterly flow pattern made it an important travel and communication corridor in pre-colonial times and during settlement. The area was home to the Kon-wa-teg-ok trail, which connected the Native American villages along the Contoocook River north to the river's confluence with the Merrimack River. Seven archaeological sites have been recorded along the Contoocook River profiling the Penacook people's lifestyle based primarily on salmon fishing and agriculture. Early European settlers established the villages of East Jaffrey, Peterborough, Bennington, Hillsboro, Henniker, Contoocook and Penacook to take advantage of natural falls or the water power that could be harnessed by dams. Numerous sites in the Contoocook River Valley are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One notable site in Hillsboro, is the homestead of Franklin Pierce, the only New Hampshire native to serve as President of the United States.